Kathryn Bek gets the chance of a lifetime: a job offer right out of college, and in New York City, where adventure abounds.

Working with a team tasked with watching out for the downtrodden is all she knows about the job, but that alone deeply intrigues her. With both parents dead and no real family to speak of, she has nothing to lose.  

As a young girl, she watched as her father disappeared into a black vortex, never to be seen again. As a young woman, she seeks to be the selfless leader she believes the world needs. She has the desire to make the world a better place, but how? To top things off, her new boss knows more about her and her fellow team members than any of them are aware. She is in over her head, yet she feels a strong sense that there is something her new boss hasn’t revealed. Lies? Not really. Lies of omission? Perhaps.

In the end, there is really only one question: Will Kathryn endure? Insurmountable odds make it seem like she can’t possibly survive. 


1st place in Mystery, 1st Place in Urban Fantasy & 1st Place in Best Cover Design

5 Star Readers Favorite Award

Finalist in the American Bookfest Best Book Awards 2022

Literary Titan Gold Award 2023


Praesidium incorporates the best qualities of the thriller genre; mysteries unraveled, characters in disguise, heart-pounding action and young heroines who are fierce with reality.

Sara Connell

Bestselling Author & Founder of Thought Leader Academy

Praesidium is a wonderfully exhilarating ride!

Rue L’Hommedieu

Author of Because Of The Night

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved this author’s writing style and how he goes back and forth between the events that happened in the past and those currently happening. This gives perspective on the events in the book and allows for proper character development. I also enjoyed the mystery that runs throughout the book. The book is well-paced, and the story builds momentum very reasonably. The book’s plot was well-thought-out, and its execution was stellar. I loved how events built upon each other seamlessly. The book also has many plot twists that kept me wondering what was next or whether a scene would turn out how I thought it would.

Moreover, the book is written in a conversational tone, making it easy to read and enjoy. The characters were well-developed, fascinating, and relatable. The author was also very descriptive, and the teamwork when dealing with an issue was palpable. I loved that in addition to the main theme of fighting crime, the author added Kathryn’s relationship with her boyfriend Scott, which was a welcome distraction from the central theme. The ending was a good cliffhanger, leaving you yearning for more.

I genuinely did not find anything to dislike about this book. It was a very well-written book and exceptionally well-edited, making it a great and fun read. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

I rate the book an undeniable 5 out of 5 stars. The author did a great job with it. I think this is a very promising series.

I recommend the book to readers who love mystery/thriller books with a splash of magic. The book does not contain profanity and would be appropriate even for teenagers.

Maureen Wambui Njuki



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